Manly Vale Public School Redevelopment

GAO / McIntosh & Phelps

Manly Vale Public School Redevelopment


Government Architect’s Office (NSW)

Project architect

William Phelps

Landscape architect

Government Architect’s Office (NSW)

Project landscape architect

Glenn McIntosh


Sunshine Street, Manly Vale


Department of Education

Project cost

$23 million

The redevelopment of Manly Vale Public School addresses enrolment pressure on schools within the Manly and Warringah Local Government Areas. The design for the school embraces its unique bushland setting, and in doing so explores opportunities for modes of learning that utilise the natural environment.

The school currently caters for approximately 400 students in out-dated, undersized accommodation, primarily in demountable classrooms. The redevelopment is designed to accommodate up to 1,000 students, and involves the demolition of the existing school buildings, with the exception of the Administration block, and the construction of:
– 40 new homebases
– a new library
– a new hall, canteen and COLA (covered outdoor learning area)
– enhanced outdoor spaces.

The site’s many unique natural features were taken into consideration in development of the site planning and landscape strategy. These features include the elevated ridgeline with its district views, existing native vegetation, natural sandstone outcrops and escarpments, as well as areas of flat open space for active playing fields.

After GAO’s transformation the project was handed over to a new project team, resulting in significant changes to the original design. The images shown here illustrate the parts of the scheme that maintain the project’s original design intent.