Beerline – from barley to the bottle

Design team

Glenn McIntosh, Luke Wolstencroft and Delia Ngay






Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, STREETWORKS Competition – Winner

Beerline – from barley to the bottle was a winning entry by Glenn McIntosh, Luke Wolstencroft and Delia Ngay in STREETWORKS, an international design competition run by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects to create temporary installations that transform under-utilised public spaces into vibrant places.

In memory of the Castlemaine brewery of 1869 and the former grain hub of Haymarket, Beerline was an exhibition bridging the gap between the grain fields and the city. The installation existed as a temporary piece of infrastructure tying together urban agriculture, public space and social activity in an event spanning three months. Beerline began with the installation of 100 linear meters of barley* set against the city skyline and concluded with a celebration dedicated to the creation of beer. Using the timber palette as a standard module the processes involved in beer production were displayed in a linear sequence.

* The barley, sown by the design team in Cobbity, was grown by the University of Sydney’s Plant Breeding Institute before being relocated to Haymarket for installation.